Forsiden/Front Page

True or False about Christianity

Frontpage of the book True or False about Christianity

The picture on the Front Page of the book shows the biggest of the 28 Stave Churches in Norway, the Heddal Stave Church in Notodden in Telemark, (Photo: Audun Stolas)



I plan to publish the book "True or False about Christianity" . But already today you can test your knowledge, learn more and amuse yourself with some samples from the book. This book will be a real infotainer where you can test your present knowledge about Christianity. At the same time you will obtain new knowledge about the marvelous history for good and for bad belonging to the worldwide church. This all happens while you will have a nice time of entertainment. The book will consist of a lot of statements and it’s your task to answer true or false to each of this statements. Here is some samples from the book:

6. In an old Bible translation it was told that Moses had horn when he came down from Mount Sinai after receiving the two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments from the Lord.

5. Bluetooth is the name of the Danish king who claimed to have Christianized the Danes.

4. The statue of the archangel Michael on the top of the northwest tower of the Nidarosdomen in Trondheim, the main cathedral in Norway, shows the face of the American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan.

3. King Solomon had, according to the Bible, 700 wives and 300 concubines.

2. A little nation that was strongly influenced by Christian faith and morals, and had great economic prosperity, found enormous riches of oil in their economic zone. In a referendum it was decided that the incomes from the oil production should be given to the poor countries in the world.

1. A professor at Oxford, who was both a philosopher and a theologian, was an outspoken critic to some of the church’s doctrines and practices. 43 years after his death, his grave was exhumed  by the church authorities and his bones burned for heresy.



The answers:

6. True. (The Church Father , St. Jerome, translated from the year 382 the Hebrew Bible into Latin, the so called Vulgate. In Exodus 34,29 it is told that the
face of Moses was shining after his meeting with the Holy One. The Hebrew language has no vowels and the word for having horn has the same consonants
as the word for shining. So St. Jerome chose the wrong meaning. Never the less, his Bible translation had so great authority that it lasted around one thousand
years before the error was corrected.

5. True. (The Kings name was Harold Bluetooth and it was around the year 965 that he shall have Christianized the Danes.)

4. True.

3. True. (1. Kings 11,3. These women, many of them worshipping foreign gods, led to the fall of King Solomon)

2. False. (Did anyone say unfortunately?)

1. True.  (His name was John Wycliffe. He was in the foreground when the complete Bible was translated to English for the first time. He died in 1384
in Lutterworth).