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Christianity quiz

21. One country in the world has a name that means "The Saviour". What country?

20. In that country an archbiskop was shot and killed while celebrating mass on 24th March 1980. He has now been declared a martyr by pope Francis. What was his name?

19. In January 2015 the Church of England consecrated its first female bishop during a ceremony at York Minster. What is her name?

18. This state was established in 1929 by agreement. But none of the eigth sovereigns where born in the state. They all moved in at old age, all though they visited the state several times in younger years. What state is this?


17. The Central Committee for the World Council of Churches (WCC) has, for the first time ever, elected a woman as moderator. What is her name? (Photo: Peter Williams/WCC)






16. The new archbishop of Canterbury was a banker and an oil executive before he became a priest in 1992. Last year he was elected bishop of Durham.
At that time he accused banks of serving “no socially useful purpose” and for being “exponents of anarchy.” What is his name?

15. A theologian who was outspoken critical to some of the churches doctrines and practices had his grave digged up and his bones burned
for heresy 43 years after his death. True or false?

14. A pope had lots of children with his several mistresses. True or false?

13. At the Old Town Square in Prague, the capital of the the Czech
Republic, there is a statue of a church reformer that was burned at the stake for heresy on the 6. of July 1415. What was his name?








12. According to the Gospel of Luke two men was walking from Jerusalem til Emmaus the day Jesus raised from the death and they where accompanied by the
risen Savior. Luke mention the name of one of the two men. What was his name?

11. After England had been a protestant country for some years, it was for five years reverted to catholicism. And so again back to protestantism after that.
False or True?

10.When God called Ezekiel to be a prophet he ordered him to eat something we normally do not eat. What?

9. God called a man to be a judge in Israel and rescue the people from the Medianites. The man asked for proofs that it really was God that called him. He put
some wool on the ground and asked God to do the miracle that in the morning it should only be dew on the wood and not on the ground.
What was the name of this judge?

8. By the help of God, Joshua managed to take the city of Jericho. What music instrument was involved in this conquest?

7. As a young man David played music for king Saul when an evil spirit came over him. The music made Saul all right again. What music instrument did David play on?

6. One of de 12 disciples of Jesus was called the Twin. Who was it?

5. In the New Testament there are several stories about people that dies and are raised to life. In only two cases we are told the names of the persons
who are raised to life. What two persons?

4. Three of Jesu disciples, Philip, Peter and Andrew, came from the same village. What village?

3. Who was the first cashier in christianity?

2. After the death of Judas, the 11 remaining apostles elected a new twelvth apostel. Who was that?

1. The statue of the archangel Michael on the top of the northwest tower of Nidarosdomen in Trondheim, the main cathedral in Norway, showes the face of an american
singer and songwriter born in 1941. Who?


The answers:

21. El Salvador

20. Oscar Romero

19. Libby Lane

18. The Vatican State

17. Agnes Abuom (from Nairobi, the Anglican Church of Kenya)

16. Justin Welby

15. True (His name was John Wycliffe. He was professor at Oxford and in the foreground when the complete Bible was translated to English for the first time.
He died in 1384 in Lutterworth.)

14. True. (His name was Alexander 6. and he was pope from 1492 until he died in 1503. One of his sons was Cesare Borgia, who Alexander appointed cardinal,
in spite of his strong tendency to kill people who he did not like with poison.)

13. Jan Hus

12. Cleopas (Acts 24,18)

11. True. (The reverting to catholicism happened when Mary 1 - also called Bloody Mary - from 1553 to 1558 was queen of England)

10. A scroll (Ezekiel 3,1-3)

9. Gideon (Judges 6,15-40)

8. Trumpets (Joshua, 6,1-20)

7. A harp (1. Samual 16,23)

6. Thomas (John 11,16)

5. Lazarus (John 11,38-44) and Tabitha (Acts 9,36-43)

4. Bethsaida (John 1,44)

3. Judas Iscariot (John 12,4-6)

2. Matthias (Acts 1,23-26)

1. Bob Dylan