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FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. We prepare with a little World Cup quiz.

1. What year was the World Cup held for the first time?

2. Which team has won the World Cup the most times?

3. The World Cup in 2010 was held in South Africa. Who won?

4. How many times has the final in the World Cup been decided after penalty shootout?

5. How many countries are participating in the tornament?

6. Which player has scored the most goals in the World Cup?

7. In 1990, for the first time, an African country came to the quarter-final. What country?

Colorful football joy during the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. (Photo: Wikimedia)

8. Roger Milla became the oldest goalscorer in World Cup history when he made ​​a goal for Cameroon in 1994. How old was he?

9. Where will the World Cup in 2018 be held?

10. Where will the World Cup in 2022 be held?


1. 1930 (In Uruguay. Uruguay won the final 4-2 against Argentina)

2. Brazil (5 times)

3. Spain (beating the Netherlands 1-0 after extra time)

4 Two times (in 1994, when Brazil defeated Italy and in 2006, when Italy beat France)

5. 32 countries

6. Ronaldo (scored a total of 15 goals for Brazil in the years from 1998 to 2006)

7. Cameroon

8. 42 years and 39 days

9. In Russia

10. In Qatar