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Bible quiz

10. According to the Gospel of Luke, two men where walking from Jerusalem til Emmaus the day Jesus raised from the death and they where accompanied by the
risen Savior. Luke mention the name of one of the two men. What was his name?

9. When God called Ezekiel to be a prophet he ordered him to eat something we normally do not eat. What?

8. God called a man to be a judge in Israel and rescue the people from the Medianites. The man asked for proofs that it really was God that called him. He put
some wool on the ground and asked God to do the miracle that in the morning it should only be dew on the wood and not on the ground.
What was the name of this judge?

7. By the help of God Joshua managed to take the city of Jericho. What music instrument was involved in this conquest?



6. As a young man David played music for king Saul when an evil spirit came over him. The music made Saul all right again. What music instrument did David play on?

5. One of de 12 disciples of Jesus was called the Twin. Who was it?

4. In the New Testament there are several stories about people that dies are raised to life. In only two cases we are told the names of the persons
who are raised to life. What two persons?

3. Three of Jesu disciples, Philip, Peter and Andrew, where from the same village. What village?

2. Who was the first cashier in christianity?

1. After the death of Judas the 11 remaining apostles elected a new twelvth apostel. Who was that?


The answers:

10. Cleopas (Acts 24,18)

9. A scroll (Ezekiel 3,1-3)

8. Gideon (Judges 6,15-40)

7. Trumpets (Joshua, 6,1-20)

6. A harp (1. Samual 16,23)

5. Thomas (John 11,16)

4. Lazarus (John 11,38-44) and Tabitha (Acts 9,36-43)

3. Bethsaida (John 1,44)

2. Judas Iscariot (John 12,4-6)

1. Matthias (Acts 1,23-26)